Extend Insights across your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Features

Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Features

Customers expect a satisfying experience when they make a purchase every time. In today’s digital age, delivering consistent customer experience should be in priority of organizations. Now, companies have more opportunities than ever to interact with customers through various touch points such as websites, social media channels, physical stores, and telephonic services.

Enterprises can get the full picture of a customer’s journey by capturing data from these touch points. With the use of right technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI capabilities, enterprises can unify all these data and personalize customer experience. Improving customer experience is all important to drive customer loyalty and become successful in the growing digital landscape.  

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps helps in improving customer service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps businesses to unify customer data from various sources. Dynamics 365 Customer Insight involves machine learning capabilities that you and your team members can use to unify data from customers. This helps you create a rich customer profile and deliver personalized services including special offers, product recommendations and much more. Driven by Artificial intelligence you will be able to forecast customer demands, next best actions, better understand their needs and capitalize on revenue opportunities. Enterprises can act upon insights for dynamic marketing campaigns and ad targeting.

Sales forecasting with predictive analysis

Artificial Intelligence capabilities allow sales professionals to forecast sales more precisely. New predictive forecasting capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights empower businesses to have better understanding of the sales pipeline and give deep visibility into future sales performance. Predictive analysis enables decision making needed to meet your sales goals. Data from previous sales, previous customer interactions such as emails, live chat and other sources are used to predict future events. The advantage is that any authorized member can access these insights and leverage it for sales growth.

 Transform finance with Finance Insights.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities are available for Dynamics 365 Finance too. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance insights not only accelerate digital transformation, but also enable organizations to make decisions quickly, reduce financial risks, automate routine tasks, and focus on core business initiatives. Leveraging Dynamics 365 Finance Insights empowers you to improve cash flow and provides insights to move your business forward. This helps your business improve outcomes every day and accelerate digital transformation.

Streamline operations with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Companies are looking for ways to drive success across your project-centric business. Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps your business manage data across different systems, connect cross-functional project teams, and provide visibility, collaboration and insights needed to support project-centric service offerings. The application delivers everything needed to optimize your project operations. It drives your business through enhanced project management, optimize resource utilization, maximize revenue, and speedup project delivery.

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