Retail for Trading and Distribution

Retail Management System for Trading and Distribution

Businesses invests in the latest technology solutions to enhance productivity and drive great return of investment (ROI). In a modern business environment, it is important that your retail business should remain competitive and stand apart from other competitors. One of the best ways to make a significant growth is to employ the right retail solution that can provide your business with better growth, enhanced productivity, and increased revenue. It is critical to choose a reliable partner that can provide a customized retail management system in UAE to help you achieve all your goals.

Empower your retail business with IAX DYNAMICS

IAX DYNAMICS offers the best retail management solution that can help your business grow upward. Our retail management solution offers a way to empower your retail operations and dramatically enhance customer satisfaction, productivity and increase sales. Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail (now Dynamics 365 Commerce), the retail solution delivers complete retail capabilities and brings critical functions together into a single platform, providing your business a unified view of retail operations. Our personalized solutions help you manage all the retail processes that are important to running your business, including accounting and financials, inventory and supply chain management, customer relationship management, and more.

By understanding your needs, our Dynamics 365 trained professionals provide the retail management solution that best fit your requirements. It is included with the processes that helps customers acquire the desired products or services from the physical or digital retail stores, provides the best user experience for your customers, efficiently manage the day-to-day retail operations covering the flow of goods, e-commerce activity, focus on customer relationship management, helps you make informed decisions and more, whatsoever the retail capabilities you look into, our retail solution has it all.

Our in-depth skills in Dynamics 365 commerce technology and knowledge in the retail domain helps to tailor perfect retail solutions that exactly match client business requirements. Our skills to personalize the software that is adaptable to the changing business environment makes us a preferred partner to customers across the globe. We have helped many retail enterprises in various sectors to become self-reliant and progressive using our versatile retail management system. Whatever retail business you run; our retail solution has got you covered.

Retail distribution goodsAchieve your business objectives with smart retail management system in UAE

IAX DYNAMICS provides you with tailored solutions that help you gain many benefits, effectively manage your retail activities and elevate customer experiences seamlessly. Your business can achieve the following benefits while implementing our retail management software in UAE.

  • Handle your entire retail business in one software platform
  • Connect physical, digital store and back end operations and provides an integrated experience to customers.
  • Integrated with intelligent retail features to run business smoothly and seamlessly
  • Our retail solution offers seamless customer engagement, helping to improve customer satisfaction
  • Helps to efficiently manage your sales promotions across different channels.
  • Get a unified view of your retail process
  • Helps you identify prospects, convert leads into sales, target new marketing and even track invoices
  • Helps to improve team’s collaboration and productivity, enhance sales, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Artificial Intelligence to help you predict customer demand and understand needs
  • Remove the hassle of using multiple software; instead, use single unified software to reduce cost and maximize revenue
  • Let customers check real-time stock availability, track performance per store, employee and items and Forecast inventory for multiple stores
  • Our retail solution helps you meet your business needs around the globe.

Our retail management system can empower your business to achieve measurable productivity, growth and performance, giving rise to a more agile workplace culture. With proven capabilities the solution delivers a comprehensive unified retail management solution that integrates commerce, sales, marketing, supply chain management, finance and more. Our professionals provide you with customization, implementation, training, and comprehensive support.

Integrating all critical functions under a single platform, IAX DYNAMICS is uniquely positioned to create operational excellence and improve business processes for its retail customers across GCC countries as well as in other countries.

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We will provide you the best solution in which you will get following facilities:

  • Complete data of the employees of the business.
  • Employees time-in and time-out record which will show you their efficiency of work.
  • A complete record of the ordered stock from the market.
  • Complete record stock available in the warehouse.
  • Feedback and client experience menu.
  • Complete record maintenance for the clients.
  • Complete reports of the financial system.
  • Automatic order generating system.

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