IT Outsourcing Services

IT Outsourcing Services

IAX Dynamics offers a wide range of Microsoft solutions to its customers in 7 countries around the world. IAX Dynamics has been implemented in various sectors of the business world and has more than 1000+ satisfied clients in its wake. Microsoft Solutions that IAX Dynamics provides include: 

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Dynamics 365 is a bundle of ERP, CRM and HCM combined into one. Built to allow flexibility to the consumers to derive functionalities they need so that businesses can grow on their own timelines. It gives a unique mix of AX, NAV, GP, SL, or CRM while they are still available and are working in their own spheres. Being a derivation of three mentioned software it provides all of their functions — provides view of the business financials of an enterprise. From notifying about customer records to transaction completions, Dynamics 365 is a must have for enterprises that are slowly building their complexity. IAX Dynamics has provided multiple clients with this solution and is continuously providing efficient round the clock support.

IT Outsourcing in UAEMicrosoft Dynamics Business Central

Dynamics Business Central is an enterprise resource which allows a singular control to the overall business activities. It lets users manage cash flow, view and manage the finances of the company, sales and purchase of resources as well as insights into business procedure through artificial intelligence.  

Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Dynamics NAV gives user control over the automation of their business financial which includes sales of products and resources, purchase of resources, financial and business accounts and inventory management. IAX Dynamics has provided many consumers the ability to track their production, inventory as well as key insights to business operations with Dynamics NAV. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP: 

Similar to NAV in output, Dynamics GP is a financial service solution that also helps enterprises by managing sales, contracts and contacts as well as business intelligence insights. IAXCESS can help you in setting GP up quickly and let you create your own foot track across the business world.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX: 

Dynamics AX is the back-end operations controller ERP for enterprises which lets user control and overview human resource, project management, service management and financial situation of the enterprise. Now repackaged under Dynamics 365, it is still available and is employed by many users. IAX Dynamics supports this solution and can help setting it up for your enterprise. 

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement: 

IAX Dynamics offers Customer Engagement — a CRM business solution which enhances customer relationships by allowing management of connections remotely and giving social insights of your targeted audience on a single dashboard. It also enhances team collaboration by allowing configurable platforms.  

Microsoft Azure: 

Microsoft Azure is the perfect cloud service which allows creation, testing and deployment of applications and services which are routed through data centres managed by Microsoft. It also provides scalable cloud storage as well as real-time analytics and business intelligence.

IT Outsourcing solutions in UAE

Other solutions that IAXDynamics provides are: 

Cloud Hosting: 

IAX Dynamics offers cloud hosting for businesses and individuals looking to back up their information securely and efficiently. We offer private and public clouds – private clouds are  only accessible to authorized personnel. Businesses can configure their favored storage choice for cost efficiency and you pay for only what you use. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery: 

IAX Dynamics offers professional grade Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions which not only backs up your data securely and safely at your preferred intervals but also let you access your system in the event of a hardware malfunction or a malware attack. 

IT Infrastructure: 

IAX Dynamics offers IT Infrastructure development services to businesses that don’t want to worry about the IT department. From building servers to providing end user services to maintaining security along the way, IAX Dynamics will provide scalability and remote ability to your business. 

Cyber Security: 

Protection from malicious intent ranks close at the top of a business’s hierarchy of needs. With recognized partnership with Norton, Sophos and Seqrite Endpoint Protection, IAX Dynamics is the premium security provider to businesses in the digital arena. 

IAX Dynamics also offers IP telephony services, CCTV support, Voice over IP (VOIP) and Annual agreement which allows us to update and upgrade your business machinery each year. 

All these service provisions have made IAX Dynamics the contender for the top place in the IT Managed Service Provider list in UAE, Middle East and Africa Region and many more. Click here to know more.

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