Employee Self-Service Integration

Employee Self Service Integration
Employee Self-Service Integration


Enjoy some of the most functional Employee Self-Service Integration modules with IAX Dynamics’ perfect ERP solutions. All daily tasks can be automated to save time and effort along with long term expenses as well. We have a Gold Partnership with Microsoft and offer their full quota of Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX and also Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP software solutions that never fail to provide maximum functionality. With our perfectly integrated Employee Self-Service systems, you businesses will get:

  • Automated employee check-in and check-out systems
  • Perfect employee record maintenance
  • Integrated payrolls and payslip generation
  • Integrated schedules with live updating of manpower availability
  • Right person for the right task guidelines
  • Automated staff data backup available
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Best Employee Self Service Integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Best Employee Self Service Integration

IAX Dynamics can provide high quality ERP systems that can make your Employee Self-Service Integration modules much more functional and productive. Call us now to find out how we can improve your business tasks.


Employee Self Service is a portal by LITS SERVICES allow employees to view and manage their request and other information. Each employee has their own login information to access and request different kind of request.

ESS is fully integrated with payroll and back-office financials (Dynamics 365 F&O) to update and manage the though central ERP system.

ESS help organization to automate HR process with comprehensive workflow and approvals with paperless environment.  Also help to reduce delays and update though alerts, notifications, and reminders.


Localized Payroll (LITS PAY)


Sine LITS ESS is the extension of LITS payroll which covers GCC and MENA countries localization. So, both LITS ESS & PAY will help organization to automate whole HR process with process and approvals.

LITS PAY has functionalities like Employee contract management, Monthly salary processing, End of service processing, Document Management, Loan Management, Leave Management etc.

Localized Payroll (LITS PAY)

Integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and operations

ESS is a vertical work with D365 FO modules to track different types of information such as.

  • HR module to read employee personal and documents details.
  • Finance to post employee expanse and advances.
  • Payroll to post leaves, deductions, and allowances.

365 Finance and operations

Employee Self Service Portal

LITS ESS is a web-based portal having followed components.

Employee Self Service Portal

Admin Portal

Admin Portal

User Management

Unlimited users can be created and managed in ESS portal with following features.

  • Active Directory, or user id with password authentication can be enabled in ESS.
  • User can be linked with Employee details in D365 FO.

User Role Management

Once user is authenticated than user authorization can be managed with roles and permissions. Therefore, multiple roles can be managed and assigned to users under admin portal.

Workflow Management

  • There is easy and simple workflow creation process.
  • Multiple workflows can be created and associated to individual requests.
  • There is a flexibility to create multiple workflows and associate to employee so that different workflows can be imitated under same request form.

Server Configuration

  • STMP email settings for employee notifications
  • User Login settings

Employee Portal


Employee Login

Based on the login settings, employee can be login to ESS portal to access information.

LITS Employee Login

Employee Dashboard

  1. User can see his employee details along with his picture.
  2. Employee can view his leave balance details.
  3. Employee Attendance details will be available id integrated with attendance system.
  4. Employee can view his documents and its expiry details.
  5. Employee can view the notification such as request for approvals etc.
  6. KPI for his yearly leaves taken.
  7. KPI of his monthly attendance

Employee Dashboard

Employee Requests

Based on the authorization and permission, employee can submit following request for approvals.

Leave Request:

  • Employee can submit for his different types of leaves like annual, sick, educational etc.
  • All leave assignment and configuration are sync with D365 FO.
  • All required validations such as available balance etc. are in place in request form.
  • Document attachment options are available for supporting documents such as medical certificate, educational certificates etc.
  • Employee replacement option is available to specify who will take care in his absence.
  • Employee can submit for short leave for 2 to 3 hours during office working hours.
  • Short leave can be segregated as personal or official.
  • All short leave policies can be mange like 2 hours in a day or 8 hours in month etc.
  • Employee can submit claimable expanses though request.
  • Employee can attach supporting documents as attachments.
  • Employee can request for advance salary.
  • Employee can either request full or partial salary as advance.
  • Employee can advance the salary against salary pay month for deduction.

employees Claim Form

Loan Request

  • Based on the company policy, employee can request for the loan.
  • Employee can specify the loan amount and number if installments.
  • Once approved loan transaction along with the installments will be posted to Dynamics 365 FO for the payment and deductions.
  • Payment will be paid either though monthly salary processing or can pay separately.
  • Installment deduction will be done though each month salary processing.

Load Request

Asset Request

  • Employee can request for company lease laptop, computer, car etc.
  • Once approved than either will be procured or issued from the inventory.
  • Employee can submit the request for multiple loan items.
  • Employee can attach supporting documents such as technical specifications etc.

Asset Request

Ticket RequestTicket Request   

GCC and MENA region where most of the workers are expats and there is a labor policy to provide annual return ticket to home country. So, employee can request for his annual ticket though ESS.


Once approved annual ticket than ticket transaction will be integrated to Dynamics 365 FO for issuing ticket and to record financial details.


Late and Absence Justification  

  • Based on the HR policy where is there is stick time in and out are followed, Employee can submit justification for his late and absence hours.
  • Once approved will be posted to D365 FO for adjustment in his hours.

Late and Absence Justification

Allowance Request    

  • Based on the company policy, employee can request different type of allowance like food, transportation, overtime etc. though ESS.
  • Once approved allowance will be posted to dynamics 365 FO to include in payroll process.

Allowance Request

Misalliance Request

  • There are many types of documents employee required such as NOC for bank account or travelling etc. So, such kind of requests are grouped and available for the request.
  • Following types are added for selection, however, further can be added.
    • NOC for Bank
    • Salary certificate
    • NOC for Hajj
    • NOC for Umrah
    • New Position
  • HR or employee can attach required documents.

Misalliance Request

Request Application Options


Request history

  • ESS has the feature to archiving history so that all the summited request along with workflow comments will be saved and viewed at any point of time.
  • Each request form has history tab to view submitted request.
  • Employee can see his submitted requested.
  • If employee is approver than he will see his approved requests also.

Request history

Recall Request

  • Employee can recall his submitted request for modifications or cancellation before fully approve.
  • Once recalled all workflow will be initiated again.

Recall Request

Workflow history

  • Submitter or approver can see the details for workflow history.
  • Workflow history will contain dates likes when submitted, approved, user comments and user who approved or submitted.

Workflow history


  • User will get email notifications for approval and rejections.
  • User will get dashboard notifications on ESS.

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