Property and Real Estate

Property and Real Estate
Property and Real Estate Management Software Solutions

Enterprises across the world largely rely on advanced software solutions to streamline and manage its operations. When it comes to managing real estate business, the need for an efficient property management software solution is high. As the business grows, using such software becomes easier for the property managers to manage many of their operational processes flawlessly. Moreover, advanced solutions once integrated with your daily processes will accelerate business growth and improve productivity and efficiency.

Challenges Faced by Property Management Business without an Efficient Software

  • Unable to properly meet customer expectations and develop a solid, loyal customer base.
  • It is impossible to make a consistent communication, unable to record customer’s opinions, sentiments, and their concerns through all the phases of their experience.
  • Multitasking is one of the most critical components of success in real estate. It’s almost impossible to do multitasking manually.
  • Unable to keep the operating costs at a minimum, as well as to streamline your financial activities, reduce task duplication, and other activities in daily operations.
  • Manual entries can cause data entry mistakes and when data is entered incorrectly, it can lead to all sorts of problems in manual billing, invoicing, reporting and much more.

The tasks which seemed to be difficult to manage manually can be easily handled through a well-built software system. With a well-defined property management CRM set up the activities associated to your real estate business can be made simpler and automated. You can seamlessly manage functionalities such as rental, leases, contracts, customer service, sales management, and much more.

Bespoke property management software solution for your real estate business in UAE

IAX DYNAMICS is a global solution provider that offers end -to-end real estate management software in UAE. Our solution covers the functionalities ranging from leads to enquiries to offers and contracts, and further on to managing the leasing or sales of properties, also the administration of such leases and contracts to maximize revenues. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 our vertical solution has been optimized for the real estate industry’s growing needs and provides you with numerous features that ensure maximum profitability. Our property management software connects to the CRM, financials, and sales intelligently, and enable everyone across your team to make data-driven decisions with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We help you build a property management solution perfectly customized to your business needs and create an environment where your business can use powerful functionalities that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers. From marketing automation to customer relationship management to automate accounting sales and finance processes, our real estate management software effectively integrates core dynamics applications, allowing your business to simplify workflow, and enhance efficiency. As an industry leader we understand your needs pretty much and come up with a solution that enables you to stay competitive. Our solutions have helped many real estate businesses to become successful and organize their operations as efficiently as possible. Besides all the emirates of UAE, our service is available in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, and India.

Innovative real estate management software solution

Our solution covers a range of property management functions that helps you grow your business, and it includes:

  • Enhanced Customer relationship management to improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase the rate of property sales or lease
  • Automate critical business processes
  • Manage consumptions and resources
  • Helps to assess previous trend using analytics
  • Improve decision making via Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Built on proven Microsoft technologies and products
  • Serve customers anytime anywhere via cloud
  • Custom built facility management
  • Property unit listings
  • Proper sales enquiry handling
  • Invoice generation and comprehensive reporting
  • Effective management of data using Microsoft 365
  • Seamless coordination among team members on-site and off-site
  • Easy communication anywhere anytime across mobile devices
  • Access to Power BI and Analytics
  • State of the art security features

The infusion of our software will drive your real estate business in a productive manner. We offer custom built additional integrations on property management software based on your requirements.

Streamline your real estate business operations in UAE

Our property management CRM set up not only manages your real estate activities, but it also takes care of your various other processes including marketing, customer service and interactions, sales, finance and operations, field service and more. The customizable software can be streamlined to your preference covering your entire operations. We are a strategic partner for real estate companies across the globe in their digital transformation. We have the demonstrated expertise to provide integrated cloud or on-premises solutions to businesses of all sizes, helping them to successfully realize their goals.

Make your real estate business stronger than ever with a perfect property management software solution. Get in touch with us to know how our real estate management software in UAE can help you achieve your business goals.

What type of ERP system is better for Real Estate Business?

  • Fully Control on Lease management

Though this option you will be able to control monitoring of lease requirement in UAE. It will control the complete management of rent escalation and renewals system.

  • Finance management control

A complete record of paid payments will be delivered which will make it easy to get to know about any type of financial errors.

  • Complaint and maintenance section

Any type of customer complaint and maintenance section of the business will be available on a single dashboard.

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