How Dynamics 365 CRM Can Help Manage Real Estate Business Better in UAE

Dynamics 365 CRM for Real Estate Management

Many businesses have benefited from tech transformations, and real estate business is no different from it. It is essential for business to foster customer relationships and provide the best experiences possible to stay on top. With industry recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you can gain more visibility, build lasting relationship with customers and streamline sales, marketing and service divisions. Dynamics 365 CRM provides a comprehensive view of your customers like never before with real-time customer data platform (CDP).

Let’s Delve Into How Dynamics 365 Helps Real Estate Business in UAE

Marketing: Dynamics 365 CRM is a comprehensive repository where everything important to improving customer connections is stored. In an increasingly competitive real estate market, creating consumer awareness is critical in the buying process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the built-in tools to create smooth customer experiences through marketing campaigns, helping to deliver marketing messages to your potential customers. With proper response tracking utilities the system helps to convert positive responses to the leads.

Lead and Opportunity: Once the leads are identified, you can direct your efforts on to find the right prospects. Dynamics 365 CRM provides you the tools that helps you to identify prospects efficiently. With effective insights on prospect customers, you can guide your sales team to deliver the right customer experiences. The CRM helps the sales workforce to drive performance with deal insights, relationship analytics and conversion intelligence. It also helps to gain visibility into conversions, automate workflows and discover emerging customer needs.

Selling: Delivering a proper customer experience to a prospect customer is a responsibility, as he/she is ready to purchase from you. Dynamics 365 CRM helps you accomplish the sales with customer in a planned way, ensuring the buying process is stress and hassle free. As the system provides a deep insight into the sales process, the documentation, commercial transactions and the reporting is made easy. It has the built in tools to enable efficient integration with banking and with the brokers during the sales process. With intelligent tools you can focus on right customers and engage with them anywhere, anytime and across devices.

Mobility:  Successful deal is very important in the real estate business.With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM your business can achieve this. The mobility capability of the CRM allows your sales team to spend effective time with customers. They get to work with the real time information and update customer interaction with ease. No matter what device they have, or wherever they are , they can respond to prospect customer queries, improve the customer experience and close the deal successfully.

Power your Real Estate Business in UAE with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Traditional sales automation applications are not enough in today’s unpredictable selling environment. The reasons are many, rapidly changing buyer preferences, sudden changes in business outlook, and the fast- growing competitors. Dynamics 365 CRM provides you with the right selling solution that helps to intelligently automate and streamline the sales process. Interestingly, by leveraging the AI- powered intelligence you can easily identify your customer emotions, sentiments and the priorities that help to build long-lasting relationship with customers.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 in Real Estate Business

  • Offers business the latest customer information in real time
  • Get up-to-date analytics and data that helps your sales people identify and prioritize opportunities
  • Centralize customer information, get insights into customers and their needs
  • Allow your customers to communicate to you through any device and on any channel
  • Allows customers to schedule service according to their preferences and availability
  • Provides sales staff to identify and track new business opportunities
  • Artificial Intelligence to help you guide what steps should be taken during each sales processes
  • Engage with your customers on their preferred devices
  • Helps the sales staff to deliver positive experience to customers
  • It let users leverage the precise sales forecast, buying patterns and promotions

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