We Can Help Your Business Achieve Much More – Here’s How

Achieve more with IAX Dynamics, the leading Dynamics 365 provider in UAE

Achieve more with IAX Dynamics, the leading Dynamics 365 provider in UAE

Microsoft is a global technology leader that has been helping organizations worldwide through various technology offerings over the years. The technology offered by Microsoft spans across hardware, software, the cloud and much more. Microsoft’s cloud-based business application such as Dynamics 365 is at the forefront that plays a crucial role in setting the path to digital transformation for many organizations. If you want transformative changes in the constantly changing landscape, adoption of Dynamics 365 is essential. To achieve your goals, it is important to get the support, guidance and assistance from a dedicated Microsoft technology provider.

IAX Dynamics can exert a valuable influence on your business with industry leading Dynamics 365 applications. We plan, customize and deploy solutions to accelerate your business journey towards digital transformation, and enable you to be future-ready. As the recognized Microsoft Certified Gold partner in UAE, we partner with a range of customers and provide them with services including consulting, implementation and support. We have years of expertise in offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to enterprises across various domains.

Our dedicated experts implement Dynamics 365 that helps businesses deliver a more personalized experience to its customers, improve sales and productivity, generate customer-oriented solutions, automate important business functions, streamline complex processes and more. With Dynamics 365, we promise you a solution that creates sustainable business futures and helps you achieve more.

Grow business with Dynamics 365 applications

Dynamics 365 application suite is a mix of various applications and it includes Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 for Commerce, Dynamics 365 for Human Resource, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for marketing and sales and Dynamics 365 for Field service. It provides a collaborative environment where cross departments can work interactively. The solution unifies teams, allows them to make informed decisions by providing deep visibility into business operations and allowing precise tracking of financials which empowers business to win more contracts, automates routine tasks, and much more.

With Dynamics 365 your business can take control of activities relating to your financials, supply chain operations, sales and marketing activities, commerce, customer service and HR management effectively. Depending on your requirements more capabilities can be extended through the integration of other Microsoft apps such as Office 365 and Power BI.

How can we help your business achieve more?

Improved Productivity: Dynamics 365 CRM comes with intelligent business tools that helps businesses enhance productivity and efficiency of employees. Centralized customer information helps your agents to better engage with customers like never before. The automation features let you focus on what is important for your business.

Improved Sales: We customize Dynamics 365 in tune with your needs. With integrated tools and automation, our solution enables your sales team to focus on the right customers. The CRM is highly capable to streamline and automate sales processes, enhances customer satisfaction, reduces costs and increases growth.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The solution provides your sales and marketing teams with a full view of customers insights allowing them to learn from interactions. It strengthens customer relationships in a better manner. The comprehensive insights drive business forward and provides real-time visibility on business performance, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and more opportunities.

Better Management with Dynamics Apps: Dynamics 365 applications extend the capabilities of sales, marketing, finance, operations and retail. With the integration of business analytics, business intelligence, big data and advanced analytics services, our solution helps to better understand customer demands, boost operational excellence, and make better marketing decisions.

Low Infrastructure Costs: You do not have to invest on servers and hardware, as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in the cloud. You only buy licenses to use for a specific period (for example, 6 months or I year) – pay only for what you use. Dynamics 365 solution eliminates the overhead of maintaining a dedicated server.

Dynamics 365 is flexible and highly adaptable. You can begin with one app and as your business infrastructure grow you can integrate more Dynamics 365 apps into it. This eliminates the need for investing a lot of money upfront. It turns out to be a big advantage for small and medium businesses. IAX Dynamic’s bespoke solutions bring together CRM and ERP capabilities that helps you deliver a more connected experience. We empower businesses across the Middle East and African region with Dynamics 365 solutions, helping them to become self-sustained and productive.