Dynamics 365 Talent Modular Apps – Attract and Onboard – Part 2

Dynamics 365 Talent Modular Apps

Talent modular app Attract is a stand-alone app to take you through the process of finding, attracting, interviewing, and successfully onboarding right people for your enterprise. The scope of the applications end there. The processes from there onwards are guided by another stand-alone application — Dynamics 365 Talent Onboarding.  

Modular Application number 2: Onboarding. 

Welcome and make the newly hired employees right at home through Dynamics 365 fueled process.

First Step: Let New Hires Know About Their Roles. 

Now that you have hired people to fill up the gap in your enterprise or business, now comes the critical step of welcoming them into your corporate. Through Talent app Onboard, you can start by providing them with a guidance portal which can help them understand the dynamics of the company, the hierarchy, the people involved in maintaining that hierarchy, the position they will be filling up, they roles and responsibilities. The ins and outs of the company, introductions to staff and what not. A complete orientation package can be delivered to them without any physical effort and without a care of the physical location they are in. 

Step 2: Assigning a Team. 

After you have welcomed the new hire in your corporation, there will be a hierarchy they will fill. There might be teams that they will interact and work together with. Through Onboard, you can help the new hire in connecting to the teams that they will be working with and vice versa. They can get personalized communication channels for their team members and set up their own time schedules. The recommended contact panel will help them in getting the hang of things in the new environment quickly. 

Step 3: Team contributions. 

After they have got into contact with their teammates, the new hire can now be taught the responsibilities and the procedures of operations. Any and all teammates can chip in for this, sharing documentation and tasks with them to get them up to date with news, updates and important things that should be glanced before getting to work.

Step 4: Performance reviews.

The onboarding has been successfully completed. The new hire is now an employee of the corporate. They now know their responsibilities, tasks and the general idea of how things work in the corporation. After this, the Onboarding platform can be used to get updates about the performance of the employee and the problems they might be having during the first few months. To help with this, Onboard has a feedback system which allows to and from feedback between the teams, other employees, executive management and so on.


After the employee is hired, there is a whole effort required to introduce them to everything that is going on around the corporation as well as the people who will be working them and a general idea of limits and responsibilities before they can delve into the actual working environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent Onboard helps you during the finish to the end of this process.  

Both of these applications — Talent Attraction and Talent Onboarding are available for Dynamics 365 users or the general population. Microsoft has partnered up with local vendors which can set you up with the on premise installation, or cloud implementation of these solutions and for the after sale maintenance and upgrade. One of these providers is IAX Dynamics, Gold partner with Microsoft on Dynamics 365 with hundreds of successful implementations till date. IAX Dynamics leads in the UAE region with operations in multiple countries around the world.  

There is another application available only in the technical view which allows recruiting managers to gauge the capability of applicants without going through all the applications physically and one by one. This reduces the time spent on the reading and more to the efforts of orienting and effective hiring.