Take advantage of intelligent automation to improve financial performance

Organizations need innovative solutions to thrive in the modern environment. Finance being the critical process, making it smart means a lot to any organization. Leading organizations are turning to intelligent solutions and other emerging technologies to improve productivity and reduce costs.

It can also strengthen engagement and satisfaction among team members. Intelligent automation reduces the time being spent on manual tasks, so employees can focus their efforts on other critical tasks and thinking. Therefore, to stay competitive amidst complex challenges, you must adopt intelligent automation and technology.

Meet emerging expectations

Organizations turn to their financial leaders to drive transformation when complexity hits. Financial officers are responsible to lead transformational efforts and all it needs is finance. As the complexity rises for finance leaders, they must look for solutions like

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is leading the transformation with automation, machine learning, AI-driven insights, and artificial intelligence. Most of the finance processes can be automated with this technology solution. Automation can free up employee time on tedious tasks.  AI (artificial intelligence) helps to reduce operational costs, improve finance decision making and customer satisfaction.

To leverage advanced automation and other features within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, you can partner with reliable and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners. IAX DYNAMICS is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in the UAE who can help you deploy Microsoft Dynamics solution the way it benefits your business.

Besides UAE, we provide Dynamics 365 implementation to customers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India. Our experienced Dynamics 365 consultants can provide you the right consultation deployment, support and training.     

Here we look at a few examples, how the automation and AI features can be leveraged to increase efficiency and maximize performance.

Accounts receivable

Organizations often find it hard to predict customer payments. This not only affects the cash flow but also affects the cash collection processes. Account managers will be stuck with many receivables and manual data entry. Therefore, to save time and improve productivity, a proactive approach to cash collection is essential.

In Dynamics 365 Finance, you can create a predictive model to manage cash flow using AI-driven capabilities. The AI-driven predictive model forecasts which customers will make the payment on time, and which are not. Your business can utilize prediction models to optimize collection strategies. It enables your finance team to proactively encourage customers to make payment ahead of time. Leveraging this intelligent automated prediction model, your employees get more time to focus on other financial activities like planning, problem solving, or customer service.

The smart automated collection process enables you to improve margins while reducing late payments.

Cash flow prediction

Traditional cash flow predictions are time consuming and error prone. It often involves repetitive and difficult Excel spreadsheet calculations. Organizations need to accurately predict cash flows and Excel spreadsheets are not so reliable to make cash flow forecasts.

Dynamics 365 Finance has an in-built intelligent cash flow capability that leverages AI and machine learning. The solution allows users to combine data from third-party systems into Dynamics 365 Finance to create a comprehensive cash flow solution. The cash flow solution helps your business keep track of your cash balance effectively. It can also help finance managers to make smart decisions and create opportunities based on the current cash position.

Understand other capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance is a comprehensive financial management solution designed to maximize financial visibility and performance. Using intelligent and customizable cash flow forecasting solution, it helps your business monitor cash flow, future and current trends and make meaningful decisions. You can reliably predict customer payments, effectively manage credit collections, and more. The solution enables enterprises to track the performance of their global financial operations, forecast future outcomes, and helps to make informed financial decisions. It unifies your financial data and automate day-to-day activities.     

Dynamics 365 Finance enables organizations to manage their global financial operations in real-time. If your business wants to maximize financial performance by leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and intelligent automation, Dynamics 365 Finance is the suitable solution. As a Dynamics 365 Finance consultants our implementation teams provide proper implementation support and training.  They will deploy the application and even customize as per your business preference and needs.

You can extend the functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance by combining other Dynamics 365 apps. With the integration of Power BI (Business Intelligence), and Microsoft analytics, you can better streamline operations and drive business growth.

IAX DYNAMICS has the expertise in offering integration with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other Dynamics 365 apps and third-party systems. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Solution provider in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, or India, we help you meet the growing challenges in the financial market.