Simplify your business finance with finance automation solution

Automation solution has become a necessity to simplify business processes. One of the main vertical within an organization that benefit from automation is finance. Users across departments engage with finance systems and procedures in one way or another.  In the modern business, the focus  of organizations should be on to eliminate the repetitive manual tasks and keep the productivity high with innovative finance automation solution s like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance application.

Finance automation solution has the power to transform your business, because it has the potential to impact the key aspect of business: money. With automation, Dynamics 365 Finance helps finance professionals to operate in a productive manner and make the processes more simplified, efficient and consistent. Moreover, it enables organizations to get things done in a smarter way. Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in Dynamics 365 makes finance automation a reality.

Rely on Microsoft Gold partners for Dynamics 365 Finance implementation

When you think of deploying Microsoft Dynamics Finance or migration from your existing finance system, ensure you team up with reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners. IAX DYNAMICS is the leading Microsoft Gold Partner that has years of expertise in the domain of Dynamics 365 Implementation, customization, integration and support.

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In addition to configuration and customization as per your business requirements, we integrate Dynamics 365 Finance with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Power Platform and other Dynamics 365 apps, helping you get a leading edge.

Dynamics 365 Finance automation capabilities

Vendor Invoice Processing: Dynamics 365 Finance automates vendor invoice processing making it easier for finance teams process vendor invoices efficiently. With Dynamics 365 Finance, you can automate accounts payable vendor invoicing procedures. The system automatically submit imported vendor invoices to the workflow system. The invoice will be processed from the scratch without any human intervention. Automation can be used to carry out the tasks including:

  • Automatically present vendor invoices to the workflow system
  • To View workflow and automation history quickly
  • Matching product receipt to the incomplete vendor invoice lines
  • View the outcomes of automated accounts payable vendor invoice processing

Credit risk management and collections: Dynamics 365 Finance presents intelligent cash flow forecast automation to automatically schedule the cash flow calculation process. The automation helps your financial teams relieve from the process of scheduling cash flow calculation. The prediction-based collection automation increases timely payment from customers, enhances cash flow, identify at risk customers, and save labor time. This strengthens your strategy for incoming cash flow.

Gain deeper financial analysis: Besides automating key processes, Dynamics 365 gives you a complete picture of your business finance through immersive reports such as profit and loss statement, income statement, cash flow statement, payment reports etc. Using these reports, you can make informed financial decisions to improve business and financial growth. With reports available on the cloud, your financial teams can access it from anywhere and on any device and get insights.

Eliminate manual errors: No matter how experienced your finance teams are, they can make mistakes in their work. While human mistakes are manageable, the consequences  it creates can be huge. Even a small mistake in an accounts entry can cost you huge amounts of money. Finance automation eliminates the risks of manual errors by humans and does automate from vendor invoice processing to managing credit risks and collections and bank reconciliation. Automation allows for greater employee productivity.

Some other key features of Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance creates a central repository of information by connecting data and processes across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, CRM system, and other applications for effective collaboration. Users of various departments can access the unified data and share with others to make quick and confident decisions.

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you manage your business in an efficient way. You can set up subsidiary company or products in quick time in line with the company’s best practices. Just copy the parent company’s set up to new business in a cost-effective and consistent way.

Moreover, it helps you be successful in the subscription-based economy. And with automation of repetitive manual jobs increase productivity.

When it comes to finance management solution that helps you streamline your processes, it is valuable  to count on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. As an experienced Microsoft Partner, IAX DYNAMICS helps you deploy proper license plan. Get comprehensive support from IAX DYNAMICS, the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner in the Middle East, for implementing Dynamics 365 Finance, Finance Insights and other Dynamics 365 apps.

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