Know about Dynamics 365 Deployment options: Cloud or on-premises

Microsoft Dynamics 365, as you know is a powerful solution that you can rely on to increase business growth and productivity. When you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the best option for your business, the primary focus should be on how to deploy the solution.

Multiple choices are at hand when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosting options. How you choose to deploy your Microsoft Dynamic 365 solution can have a significant impact on your business. It can be related to the access to Dynamics 365 features and services, when and how you access the software and who is held responsible for keeping your data.

You have different hosting options – on-premises hosting, cloud hosting and hybrid deployment. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation, it makes sense to count on the expertise of experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

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Here, we take a look at the various Dynamics 365 hosting options and its benefits

Dynamics 365 deployment options

You have three options for deploying and accessing your Dynamics 365 apps.

Dynamics 365 cloud hosting

Dynamics 365 in the cloud is the favorite option among organizations. In the cloud hosting everything is online. You access the software running in the cloud via the internet. It means you do not need to install the software on individual machines.

The cloud version of Dynamics 365 lies on Microsoft Servers that span across different countries. As the service is via online, Microsoft is responsible for managing your business data. Microsoft provides optimal protection to your data with advanced security mechanisms.

The advantage in cloud hosting is that you always get access to the latest version, receive regular updates and perform data backup automatically. So, your business will not get affected in any unforeseen disasters or cyber threats.

Dynamics 365 on-premises hosting

Unlike the cloud version, on-premises hosting allows you to host Dynamics 365 apps on your own data centers, or those of your IT partner. It means that all your business data is within your servers. In the on-premises hosting, you are completely responsible for your data, license updates, and the maintenance of the software.

Dynamics 365 hybrid deployment

Dynamics 365 hybrid hosting combines the elements of both cloud and on-premises. Though this method of hosting is combined with the Microsoft Cloud, your data is stored on your own data centers. But you can access some of the Microsoft Cloud features such as business intelligence, machine learning, and more. Your remains separate in this deployment version.

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The benefits of Dynamics 365 cloud deployment

When you choose the cloud version of Dynamics 365, your business can leverage many features and capabilities. With cloud deployment, you are free from the burden of buying and maintaining the infrastructure. You do not need to invest time and money for servers and data centers.

Moreover, get access to advanced business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI, reporting and analytics, and ensure 99.9% business uptime guarantee with state-of-the-art data backup and disaster recovery feature. Cloud deployment provides the most robust disaster recovery and backup features that ensures business continuity in any unforeseen disasters.

Another advantage is that the cloud deployment provides seamless integration with Office 365 apps like SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Outlook and more. Dynamics 365 in the cloud allows you to add users as your business grows without investing in new servers or systems.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 on-premise deployment

If you have good infrastructure, then it makes sense to take advantage of Dynamics 365 on-premises deployment. On-premises installation means you do not rely on a consistent internet connection to access the software. Moreover, you will have complete control of your data including storage and management.

You will have the option to choose whether you need an update for your software. Though certain updates are essential, you will have control over it. With the data available on your own servers, you do not need to worry about the rising storage costs as your business grows.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 hybrid deployment

Dynamics 365 hybrid deployment provides both the advantages of cloud and on-premises features. Run in the cloud, users can enjoy the services rendered by cloud deployment. For organizations that do not want to fully use the cloud services, and need full control over their data, hybrid deployment is the best option.

If you want to take advantage of Dynamics 365, get expert guidance from the Dynamics 365 Implementation partners. At IAX DYNAMICS, our Dynamics 365 implementation team helps you choose the right deployment option whether to go for cloud deployment, on-premises deployment or hybrid deployment.

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