Microsoft Office and Dynamics 365 – A Powerful Combination

In the modern business landscape, it is more important than ever to build up a productive environment to accelerate growth and revenue. Your business can improve operational efficiency and communication with the combination of Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Dynamics 365, as you know is a cloud application suite that includes ERP and CRM elements, while Office 365 is a suite of productivity apps including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Integrating Dynamics 365 with Office 365 will make your work simple and productive, improve how you manage and interact with customers, and enhance employee and business productivity.

Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 apps

Excel with Dynamics 365

The advantage is that you can use Excel from within Dynamics 365 application. You do not need to switch-over from Dynamics 365 to Excel separately to update your records or to perform data analysis. The updated data will be saved in Dynamics 365. The new charts and graphs in Excel present your data in interesting ways and you can easily create forecasts to know the trends with just a click.

Your teams across departments can work together and use the more complex data analysis tools in Excel to create reports. Moreover, Excel file can be accessed via mobile, web and desktop. As the data in Excel is saved in Dynamics, reports will be updated automatically for real-time view of information.

Microsoft Word with Dynamics 365

Word in Dynamics 365 eliminates the need of creating the same types of documents over and again. With the new document generation capabilities in Dynamics 365 you can standardize all your important documents with just a few clicks in Word. You can design your document layout in Dynamics 365 the way you design using Microsoft Office Word. The document generation features help save your time by not having to create document each time when you work with similar records. Data can be easily merged into the Word templates to create summaries.

Microsoft Outlook with Dynamics 365

Integrating Outlook with Dynamics enable users to easily manage emails, appointments, and capture conversations. When you open an email, you can view information from Dynamics 365 about the email recipients. It automatically links outlook emails to any Dynamics record including contacts and opportunities. You can check information about sales activities, track appointments and meetings from within Outlook Calendar. It schedules tasks in response to emails and add the information to customer record.

Microsoft SharePoint with Dynamics 365

Microsoft SharePoint with Dynamics 365 enables you to create, upload, view and delete documents stored in SharePoint from the Dynamics 365 apps. You can change the document properties using the document management capabilities within Dynamics 365. SharePoint when integrated with Dynamics 365 allows you to save valuable database space and minimize your data storage. From easy data retrieval to attaching customer data to customer records, SharePoint integration allows you to collaborate and share documents with users externally and internally.  

Microsoft OneNote with Dynamics 365

Microsoft OneNote is an information gathering and multi-user collaboration utility. When integrated with Dynamics 365 you can create, edit and share information over the internet. You can easily gather, organize and store notes, images, clippings and all on any device.

Microsoft Power BI with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI is an analytics solution that is included in the Office 365 subscription. When integrated with Dynamics 365, Power BI offers deep insights into your customers data and business operations. This helps you make data-driven decisions and improve operational efficiency. You get powerful visuals on Power BI for sales and finance. You can even connect to various data sources and bring your data to life with immersive dashboards and reports.

Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration and communication tool. Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration helps you create a collaborative work environment where users can share documents and files, communicate with each other in real-time, work together on same file, make video and audio calls and more. This helps you drive productivity, efficiency and maximize revenue.

Integration of Office 365 with Dynamics 365 brings numerous benefits. If your business wants to take advantage of this powerful combination, it makes sense to rely on experienced Microsoft providers like IAX DYNAMICS.

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