Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Gets New Digital Messaging Offer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service just announced that they are getting a new digital messaging service to further enhance the seamless experience for customer interaction in omnichannel. 

Omnichannel is the dynamics 365 Customer service add-on that lets you interact and engage with your customers on the channel of communication that they like or are comfortable with. Omnichannel provides customer identification, integrated communication options, and a whole lot of tools – case creation and knowledge base building.  

This omnichannel has now expanded to include digital messaging as well, which gives off a 360 view of the customer end services and the efficiency of the operations: 

• Dynamics 365 Chat 
• SMS option 
• Microsoft Bot Framework integration – conversational AI 
• Facebook messenger 

Omnichannel now has a fascinating sentimental analysis dashboard which lets you in on the sentimental situations of the clients you are in conversation with. The analysis supports 40 languages and lets you know the number of positive or negative feedbacks you have gotten from the clients. It also classifies rankings of agents who received the calls according to the sentiments they received.    

This digital messaging addition is not the only thing Dynamics 365 Customer Service is planned to undergo at this point. A lot more features are in the pipeline and will be added soon to the flagship product.  

A few things already mentioned by the Dynamics support team are as follows: 

Agent-facing bots these bots are sided towards the agents giving customer services. These help agents by providing quick, relevant information based on the context of the conversation. They also guide agents on the best possible steps to handle a client interaction and suggest relevant articles, guides and manuals to be suggested to the clients.  

Skills-based routing will take engagements with customers to the best agent that has the most relevant skills to handle the engagement. This feature will index agents on the basis of ranks and their engagement efficiency and direct calls towards them if they are free. Customer service will be enhanced and the competitiveness of the agents will push them to be better. 

Macros are a one-click option to undergo repetitive tasks like sending email or updating a knowledge form and similar. Instead of going through lengthy process of going through all SOP’s, agents can one click and complete the tasks. Saves a lot of time and increases overall efficiency.  

Agent scripts will let customers easily handle the engagement following the policies of the company and the basic etiquettes of client dealing by providing them with automated scripts to deliver constant superb customer experience. Organizations can also make specialized scripts according to the requirements of the session or aligning with the industry niche they are targeting.  

Auto-assignment of Agents: This feature will enable customers who have implemented custom entities to reroute them to the agents of their choice so that they can work more efficiently. 

Customer service is an essential component of a business hierarchy. Seamless and personalized customer support can make or break clients and can help businesses in collecting value that can translate into business expansion.  

With AI entering the field and collaborating with Microsoft Dynamics 365,  Customer Service has changed quite a bit. Omnichannel is a valuable addition to the mix and customers can now choose the mode of communication according to their own convenience.  

For a business or enterprise which requires more interaction with customers and requires a dynamics program to automate and accentuate a pleasurable experience for their customers, Customer service is very essential. A research shows that 86 percent of the existing customers will pay upwards of 25% in order to get a better customer experience. This is the value point for the organizations to target and point. A healthy customer service will attract healthy customers which will lead to healthy operations and a greater chance for greater revenue and better. 

Brand perception is a two way street. It does not matter how you, on the operations end see yourself as a company. It totally matters what customers think of you and they have a few nodes to judge you on this. Customer service is one of them. Organizations can gain a lot from holding their end of this node.