Dynamics Business Central for Small and Medium Businesses

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, previously known as Dynamics NAV, is a completer enterprise solution for small to middle ranged businesses and looks over all core facilities of the same — services, operations, finances and sales.  

Businesses that are vying for an upgrade in their operations are looking to expand further than where they are right now, Business central is an ERP slash CRM solutions that mixes both of these blends into one.  

Some of the use cases of Dynamics 365 Business Central as follows: 

Manage your financials:

Understand how and where your capital is going as well as the ways in which it is returning to you. Watch visual feeds of your company’s finance accounts and how they are changing in real time. This capability also lets you calculate any future financial goal that the enterprise might have in mind.  

Automate and secure your supply chain

Through Business Central, you can make the process of selling and getting orders and inventory listings completely transparent and automated. Business Central will inform you of the position of your stock, any purchasing that you need to do and the current open trades that are active at that moment in real time. 

Sell smarter and improve customer service:

Through dedicated dashboard, collect and view the history of clients that you have interacted with along with their complete profile data so that you can provide specific and personalized customer support to you customers. 

Keep projects on time and under budget:

With intelligent insights, find out the situation reports on the work being done and if or not the project is on time and decide if you need any changes regarding that. 

Optimize the operations of the enterprise:

Through Artificial intelligence plugged in, you can optimize the operations on you enterprise and make decisions to improve or assimilate any operations which are not providing up to the mark returns. 

Protect your data and support GDPR compliance

Handle, store, and transmit data securely and you do not have to worry about data invasions because cloud protection is also an addition in the plan. 

Finding out when you have to move from traditional accounting software: 

  • When your operations start to suffer because of information overload. The sales and operations orders are starting to jumble up and your operations manager is continuously under stress by barely making the systems work out.   
  • When your staff starts misplacing data and critical information because they do not have a unified support system to share it. The meetings and conferences are constantly being interrupted by people who do not have the records updated or have lost access to the information. 
  • When your customer support agents are constantly busy in their work and still not getting enough done and your customer service is getting a hit because they are not satisfied with the quality of the service provided to them. Your clients are constantly giving average feedback to your agents but your agents are already working as hard they can. 
  • The finances of the company are slipping from your hands and you barely know anymore how and when cash is entering or exiting your bank accounts.

“This business is now material to Microsoft. The fact of the matter is that Dynamics is a multi-billion dollar cloud run-rate business growing 45 percent year over year…We’re pushing up into the enterprise, but the wheelhouse of this business continues to be the SMB space where we continue to see incredible growth of over one hundred percent in CSP”, said Microsoft general manager Toby Bowers at the EMEA 2019.

Business Central has been a huge success in the market. According to a report, Microsoft corporation predicts that the partner channel for Dynamics 365 Business Central, which consists of 1,400 small to medium business companies will double in size as early as the end of the year 2019. This is a huge milestone because Microsoft really went almost all in with its effort to bring trustworthy ERP solutions to the world; especially for small to middle range business market division.