From Point of Sale to AI Insights: Unveiling the Potential of LS Retail Solutions

LS Retail Solutions

Retail landscape undergoes significant transformation. To keep pace with such transformation, retail organizations need to enhance the whole aspects of retail businesses, from inventory management to customer service, and financial management.

Managing all these processes together demands advanced retail solutions. One such technology that leads the transformation in retail space is LS Retail Solutions.

What is LS Retail?

LS Retail is comprehensive retail management software designed to manage entire retail operations. This integrated solution combines Point of Sales (POS), financials, stock, ecommerce, and more in one centralized platform, making it ideal for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other retail businesses.

LS retail offers POS (point of sales), ERP and inventory functionality to make retail operations unified and seamless. LS Retail combines with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide the complete retail features that retail businesses need.

So, in one single retail solution, you get Microsoft ERP financials and supply chain management, along with POS and ecommerce, and other functionalities.

Let us delve into what makes LS retail solution ideal to run your whole retail business

POS (Point of sale) Systems

You can turn your computer, tablets, or mobile device into POS device by integrating LS Central POS system into it. Sales teams can close sales, view stock availability and product details, and deliver personalized service from your POS device (computer, mobile or tablet).


  • Work offline
  • Provide personalized and compelling sales suggestions
  • Browse products across all your storage locations
  • Order Items
  • Self-checkout options

Customer Loyalty

LS Retail software solution provides a single view of each customer who contacts you either online or in-store. Based on this information, your team can personalize offers and make recommendations to create engaging shopping experiences for customers.


  • AI analytics identify customer preferences
  • Create loyalty programs
  • Create customer segmentation
  • Identify customer trends
  • Streamline experiences across channels


Inventory management is made simple with LS Retail. It provides real-time visibility into sales and stock. With proper management of stocks using replenishment tools, you can avoid stock-out and overstock situations and maintain optimal stock across your stores, saving you both time and cost.


  • Automated replenishment to forecast stocking
  • Allocation planning to ensure optimal distribution
  • Access real-time data to manage stocks effectively
  • Set sales and purchase budgets


LS Retail United Software delivers reliable shopping experience across both online and offline channels. With all the information available in a single database, you can deliver a seamless omnichannel across all customer touchpoints.


  • Connect inventory, orders, prices, and customer data together
  • Provide seamless integration with ecommerce platforms
  • Allows customers to order and purchase products at their convenience


Analytics provides a clear picture of your business finance and sales performance. Using AI-powered analytics, you can make decisions based on real-time data. The data which is presented in dashboards makes it easy for users to understand what is going on within your business.


  • Track key performance indicators in real-time with dashboards
  • Monitor productivity
  • Provide unified information
  • Utilize LS analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

LS Retail is built on top of the industry-leading ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can manage core business functions such as accounting and financials, inventory management, supply chain, customer relationship management, and human resources, as well as other features like ecommerce and mobile POS, all in a single system.


  • Provides a unified environment with seamless data flow
  • Enjoy the benefit of Microsoft 365
  • Improve purchasing, manufacturing, and warehouse management
  • Manage your financials and budgeting effectively
  • Take control of your sales, customer service, and marketing
  • Enjoy the benefits of cloud

Manage Employees

Ensure your employees execute store jobs based on their roles and title. You can schedule employees properly by taking into account of the flow of customers, employee sick days and vacations. Store managers can manage employees and ensure they are performing well.


  • Easily transfer employees between departments
  • Schedule employees based on peak shopping hours
  • Set permission to assign staff to sensitive retail operations

LS Retail covers the essential features and tools needed for retail organizations to stay competitive in the retail space. With AI, automation tools, analytics, and reporting, you can gain control of all aspects of retail management.

If you are seeking a global solution with advanced features, then the LS Retail software solution is apt.

If you want to empower your retail operations with LS Retail, you can seek expert consultation from an LS Retail partner. IAX DYNAMICS is a leading LS Retail partner that can provide expert consultation on various LS Retail products to help you transform your retail business operations.


Q: What is LS Retail, and how does it benefit retail organizations?

LS Retail is a complete retail management software designed to manage entire retail operations. This integrated solution combines various features needed for today’s retail businesses, including Point of Sales (POS), financials, stock, and ecommerce. LS Retail helps retail organizations streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and optimize inventory management.

Q: How does the POS system in LS Retail work, and what are its key features?

LS Retail’s POS system allows you to turn computers, tablets, or mobile devices into POS devices by integrating the LS Central POS system. Key features include the ability to work offline, provide personalized sales suggestions, browse products across all storage locations, order items, and offer self-checkout options. This flexibility enables sales teams to close sales, view stock availability, and deliver personalized service from various devices.

Q: How does LS Retail enhance customer loyalty?

LS Retail software solution provides a single view of each customer. Using AI analytics, the system identifies customer preferences, allowing your team to personalize offers and make recommendations. This creates engaging shopping experiences for customers, improving customer trust and satisfaction.

Q: Is LS Retail based on Microsoft ERP solution? Yes, LS Retail is built on top of ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It allows you to manage core business functions such as accounting and financials, inventory management, supply chain, customer relationship management, and human resources.