Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP for Payroll

Optimize Payroll Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Payroll management is the area that needs serious attention in most organizations. To empower payroll management, organizations must adopt payroll solutions built on modern technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers complete payroll management features to help small and medium businesses manage their payroll requirements. It significantly impacts business processes, especially in managing payroll.

Here, we delve into why small and medium businesses should opt for Microsoft Dynamics GP for payroll.

Microsoft leads the transformation through constant innovations that are being reflected in its business applications. With the ability to handle what is needed for payroll and HR management.

Here, we look at the payroll features that Microsoft Dynamics GP offers for a comprehensive payroll solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Payroll improves your payroll capabilities through following features

Pay Policy Manager

Pay Policy Manager feature automates employee pay rate calculation based on various criteria like employee ID, pay code, company, role, and department.

Payroll Hours to General Ledger

This feature records the actual hours worked by employees and posts them to specific General Ledger accounts (record keeping system for financial data). It provides more flexibility in payroll accounting.

Labor Accrual Manager

The Labor Accrual Manager feature allows organizations to manage payroll accruals. This helps companies account for payroll expenses for the entire month, even if the pay period ends before the end of the month.

This feature not only supports the creation of payroll accruals but also posts to the general ledger, facilitating accurate financial reporting.

Advanced Labor Reporting

Dynamics GP provides advanced reporting that extends beyond basic payroll and financial data. It includes reporting for Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) data (financial planning for the number of full-time equivalent employees), and for productive and non-productive employee levels. Additionally, the reporting feature covers Full-Time Equivalent budgets and variances, and year-to-date (YTD) totals.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration to Payables is an advanced feature within Dynamics GP that automatically generates purchasing transactions for payroll-generated expenses. With this automation, you can quickly print checks and post the check information without manually entering all the payable transactions necessary to finalize payroll.


Dynamics GP offers compliance features that align with labor laws and tax regulations. The solution constantly and automatically updates to reflect changes in these laws and regulations, ensuring organizations maintain compliance and reduce the risk of penalties.


Dynamics GP effortlessly combines with Microsoft technologies like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps), other Dynamics 365 apps, and third-party systems and apps. This ensures extended capabilities and enhances business communication, collaboration, file sharing, and document management.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP enables you to analyze, interpret, and create reports based on your organization’s account data. Using Analytical Accounting, you can evaluate your business accounts. Using this analysis, you can create a budget and compare actual figures. Reporting provides a clear picture of where your business is heading.

Financial Management

To facilitate the finance process, Dynamics GP support various finance modules, including General Ledger, Multicurrency Management, Cash Flow Management, Inter Company Processing, Payment Document Management, Fixed Asset Management, and Bank Reconciliation.


SmartList is a smart tool in Dynamics GP that helps users to organize and export their data in an efficient and quick way. The data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis and reporting. They help you create reports and master reports. Managers and users can create reports personalized to their needs.

Dynamics GP Payroll is your trusted companion for handling complex payroll scenarios


In the growing landscape of payroll services, choosing Dynamics GP for your payroll solution is a smart move. It provides the necessary functionality for efficient payroll processing, and its cost-effectiveness makes it a favorite choice for small and mid-sized organizations.

When it comes to handling complex payroll processes, you must partner with reliable and experienced Dynamics GP partners to create a payroll software that address your payroll needs

Why Should You Partner with IAX DYNAMICS for Dynamics GP Payroll?

IAX DYNAMICS is a seasoned Microsoft Partner with expertise in providing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to industries of several types and sizes globally.

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Q:What are the key features of Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll?

Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, Payroll Integration to Payables, Compliance features, Integration with Microsoft technologies, Analytics and Reporting, Financial Management modules, and SmartList tools.

Q: How does Dynamics GP handle complex payroll scenarios?

Dynamics GP offers advanced payroll features to handle complex payroll scenarios efficiently. Besides its advanced payroll features, it simplifies finance processes through various finance modules. Organizations can get the solution tailored to their needs with necessary add-ons from Dynamics 365.

Q: Why choose Dynamics GP for payroll processing?

Dynamics GP is a business management solution from Microsoft that offers complete functionality for efficient payroll management. It automates various payroll tasks, ensures compliance with labor laws and tax regulations, and seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft technologies to enhance its capabilities.

Q: Why should you choose IAX DYNAMICS for Dynamics GP payroll implementation?

 IAX DYNAMICS, an experienced and reliable Microsoft Partner, offers expertise in implementing Dynamics GP payroll for companies across various sectors and regions. Their professionals guide clients through every step of the implementation process, from creating GP payroll to data migration and successful implementation.