Conversation Intelligence: Empower your sales teams and increase sales productivity

You know, you can extract data-driven insights from conversations between sales teams and customers. Here we check out.

Customer conversation, simply a sales chat between a potential customer and a sales agent, plays a crucial role in sales conversions and sales growth.

Every time your sales teams converse with customers, large amounts of conversational data are created. Extracting value from conversational data is an asset to business growth. The data from customer interactions is capable to make significant improvement in the sales and revenue generation.

Organizations are not deriving value from these interactions.

But, how can you generate insights from your conversational data?

Conversation Intelligence, a capability in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, helps to generate insights from the conversational data. Using Microsoft AI and natural language processing, conversation intelligence automatically pull out insights to close sales deals faster, discover new opportunities and build robust relationships.

Conversation intelligence is the latest advancement in AI and NLP (natural language processing) which you can combine to Dynamics 365 Sales license and other Dynamics 365 apps. It is a standalone application that helps you derive critical business insights and optimize sales calls at large. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights comes with the conversational intelligence feature.

What is Dynamics 365 Sales Insights?

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights offers AI capabilities for improving sales, building healthier relationships with customers, and automating processes. Using AI, it empowers your sales teams to be more proactive, productive, and customer-centric. It provides a range of actionable insights to meet specific business requirements.

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Know how  conversation intelligence features can improve sales experience.

Conversation Intelligence monitors all customer interactions and pull out valuable insights for your salespeople including:

  • Techniques to improve conversation with customers.
  • Which salespeople need training now.
  • The products that are trending up.
  • The competitors you need to pay attention to.

Conversation Intelligence deeply listens to the interaction between salespeople and customers and analyzes data to provide you with information to manage the sales team and to provide training. With meaningful information, salespeople can guide customers toward a purchase and sales managers can make important decisions. Conversation intelligence can deeply examine millions of conversations in quick time.

Who benefits from conversation intelligence? Salespeople, sales managers and administrators can benefit from conversation intelligence.

Let us see:

What sales managers can do:

  • Sales managers can have an idea about what customers are talking. Based on the knowledge, they can craft sales strategies and coaching.
  • View what is happening in sales calls and get information about the approaches of your salespeople.
  • View their sales team’s performance with customer sentiment, insights, and how they interact with customers.
  • Understand the way each sales member is conversing with customers, customer insights, call history and customer sentiment.
  • View the estimated revenue, details of total deals won, and the revenue generated. Also, they can listen to calls, view keywords, prices, competitors, and important business insights.

What salespeople can do:

  • Salespeople can view their conversation information, customer sentiment, conversation technique, sales pipeline and call history.
  • Salespeople can pay attention to calls, see keywords, competitors, prices and more during the call and business insights.

What administrators can do.

  • Administrators can configure keywords and competitors that sales managers want to track.
  • Configure the length of time you want to keep a team’s or salespeople’s data and monitor call and more.

If you want to use conversation intelligence for your business, you must have a Dynamics 365 Sales license. There are other product offerings that are included in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and it includes Dynamics 365 Assistant, Sales studio for AI guided selling, Advanced forecasting and pipeline intelligence, and relationship analytics and auto capture.

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